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For car servicing Cardiff, make Bedford Street Motors your first call. If you purchase a new car you are obligated to have it serviced at required intervals of either time or mileage, to ensure the warranty remains valid for the full period. This service schedule is designed by the manufacturers to ensure their vehicles run as reliably and trouble-free as possible, for as long as possible. After the warranty expires, what happens then? Unfortunately, regular servicing often gets overlooked. The car’s running okay, it’s not making any strange noises, and it gets me from A to B. Until that is, it doesn’t. It’s parked on the hard shoulder of the M4, or in a lay-by on the local dual carriageway – waiting for a breakdown truck.

Mention preventive maintenance and people say yes, good idea, getting things fixed before they break down. Yet that is exactly what getting your car regularly serviced is all about, preventive maintenance. 

If you live in the Roath area of Cardiff, we service cars from Ford to Mercedes, from Skoda to BMW, and everything in between. From a basic service, full service, or a major service. We cover them all. But a service is much more than that. While our highly trained, time served technicians are servicing your car they also make visual checks on other components and point out any possible problems which may be on the horizon such as worn hoses or a tell-tale oil leak. The following will give you an idea of the various stages of vehicle services we undertake. The following will give you an idea of the various stages of vehicle services we undertake.

Basic (Interim) Service

A basic service will include oil and filter change and topping up of all fluids as required such as washers, brake fluid, anti-freeze and power steering fluid levels. We also check running lights, indicator and hazard lights, number plate and reversing lights, instrument gauges and check tyre pressures.

Full Service

Our full service will include all the above plus windscreen washer and wiper operation, seat belt operation, brake operation and pad wear, handbrake operation, battery check, drive shafts and gaiters, steering, suspension and ball joints, battery, exhaust system and diagnostic trouble codes.

Major Service

Our major service will include all the above plus replacing air filter, spark plugs (petrol engine), and fuel filter (diesel), checking transmission and rear axle, all hoses, drive belts, checking wheel bearings, balancing and alignment, fuel pipes, electrical wiring, door operation, mirrors and internal lighting.

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Unfortunately, no-one can say you will never suffer a breakdown no matter how rigorous the servicing. What we can say is prevention is better than cure, and invariably much cheaper. If you live in the Roath or surrounding areas of Cardiff give us a ring to book your next service and minimise your chances of being stranded on the hard shoulder of the M4. 

No matter what your service requirements may be, contact Bedford Street Motors today to book your car servicing Cardiff. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Bedford Street Motors Ltd can service your car no matter what make or model. We provide several services depending on your budget.

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