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Is your annual MOT test due? If so, book your car into our MOT Centre Cardiff today. Each year, you must complete an MOT test to ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy if your vehicle is over three years old. Testing also checks to see if exhaust emissions are within government requirements. Scheduling a test ensures you meet your legal obligation and gives you peace of mind that your car or van meets minimum safety standards. Without a valid MOT certificate, you cannot legally drive your vehicle or renew your road tax. You might also have problems with insurance claims.

Why choose us?

Our garage is authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to perform tests and issue certificates. We specialise in Class IV MOTs, which covers cars and three-wheeled vehicles with more than 450 kilogrammes unladen weight as well as taxis, minibuses and ambulances with up to 12 passenger seats, goods vehicles weighting 3,000 kilogrammes or less, motor caravans and dual purpose vehicles.

An accredited tester will complete a comprehensive inspection to check your vehicle’s interior and exterior to assess its condition. The test does not evaluate the general mechanical condition, only the vehicle’s roadworthiness. The results of our inspection are recorded and a VT20 certificate is issued if the vehicle passes. We will also share recommendations on areas that need attention in the future, even though they might have met minimum requirements for a ‘pass’.

If the vehicle fails to meet minimum standards, you will receive a VT30 document. When your vehicle does not meet the minimum safety or emissions standards, we will show you areas that need to be addressed. After repairing these issues, we offer a free re-test to get you your VT20 certificate. To be eligible, the vehicle must remain in our garage until repairs and a second test are completed. Alternatively, you can return with your vehicle before the end of the next working day for a re-test when the issue relates to certain vehicle components such as the bonnet, boot lid, horn, lamps, indicators, reflectors, doors, mirrors, seats and seat belts (excluding anchorages), steering wheel, tailgate and tailboard, tyres, windscreen and glass, windscreen washer and wipers, and wheels.

Book Your MOT Test

Based in Cardiff, we are a family-run business with over 30 years’ experience. Specialising in BMW and Mercedes vehicles, our skilled technicians deliver reliable maintenance and repair services from our garage in Roath. With the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we are able to offer our customers the best and most effective solutions to any problems identified during an inspection. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a test.

 So, why wait? Contact our MOT Centre Cardiff today to book your annual MOT test.

Our garage is authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to perform tests and issue certificates.

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